Upon your arrival to Skaneateles Country Club there will be many volunteers onsite to help you navigate your next steps. It may be hectic at times throughout the day, but be assured we will have staff available and your patience will be appreciated.

As in past years, no parking will be allowed at the lower Club or Waterfront. All parking will be at the airstrip lot approximately ½ mile away. Shuttle buses will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Bikes are encouraged and designated parking will be provided, it’s only 1.5 miles to downtown!

Upon arrival, go to the airstrip registration tent first where you will pick your registration packet and boat/trailer ID number. Following registration at the airstrip, proceed to the the main Club entrance off West Lake Street where you will drop your boat off at the Lower Club in your designated boat parking spot. Our valet service will be available to launch or haul your boat Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please note, Skaneateles Lake is our drinking water, all boats must be clean and dry before arrival. Members of the Skaneateles Lake Association may be present for inspection at launch.


Click here for map of Club and Regatta facilities.

Click here for video of the Skaneateles Country Club Property