Race Details


Racing will take place on Saturday and Sunday.  We plan on running up to 5 races Saturday and Sunday.

The Regatta Fleet will be divided into three fleets, self-selected by the participant at time of Entry:

1.2.1 Gold Fleet: for those sailors who have competed at District or higher level racing within the past two years, and those interested and able to compete at this level.

1.2.2 Silver Fleet: for casual and club level racers and those that have not competed at District or higher level racing in the past two years.

1.2.3 Bronze Fleet: for wooden boats.

Participants can choose to compete in any of the three Fleets for which they are eligible. However, the Organizing Authority reserves the right to place a registrant in a fleet other than that selected if deemed appropriate.

Each fleet will be scored individually and awards will be presented for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes in each fleet.  Expect some surprise novelty awards as well!
Please indicate the fleet you wish to participate in at registration.  Race management reserves the right to re-assign fleet as provided in the NOR if appropriate.